"I’ve known Billy Lord since college (I know I look a lot older than he does, but he’s had several facelifts).  But I want you to know, I believe in Billy Lord.  He’s got a great band, he’s a great songwriter and he’s a good friend.  You ought to get to know him.” 

Mark Lowry / Comedian, Singer & Songwriter

“You should jump at the chance to get these guys (Billy & his band) in your church.  They love the Lord and they’re genuine about what they do.” 

Mark Hall / Singer & Songwriter / Casting Crowns

“I want to recommend to you the ministry of Billy & Cassie Lord.  I guarantee what happens on the stage is what’s happening behind the scenes in their hearts.  Invite them to be a part of your church.  I guarantee your people will be blessed.”

Dr. Tim Dowdy / Senior Pastor / Eagle’s Landing FBC